Richard Schubert

Software Development & Real-time Graphics Ninja


2017 - Ongoing

Together with Robert Walter, we provide fully custom synthetic annotated image data using the latest rendering technologies. Taking this as a first step, our ultimate goal is to minimize the need of field tests as much as possible. We envision a fully simulated and controlled environment where developers can both train and test-bench their AI-based systems.



Features real-time rain alerts for your location up to 60 minutes in advance and provides high resolution fluid radar images. My Role: Research and development of novel precipitation nowcasting simulation and visualization by leveraging motion tracking and extrapolation. Target platforms were iOS, Android, and HTML5.



2012 - 2015

Advanced real-time weather visualization targeted primarily to mobile devices using OpenGL ES 2.0. I developed the data production and the majority of apps for all supported platforms (iOS, Android, Windows 8+10, Mac, tvOS, HTML5).

Spec Ops: The Line

Spec Ops: The Line

2008 - 2011

AAA military shooter with superior narrative released to Playstation 3, Xbox360 and PC. I was responsible for implementing various graphical features extending Unreal Engine 3, e.g. global illumination for dynamic objects using spherical harmonic irradiance or creation and maintenance of a multi-platform parallel computation API.

Countless Side Projects

2001 - Ongoing

Just for fun and staying cutting-edge • Spline Surfaces • Superquadrics • GPU Spring Physics • Spherical Harmonics • Machine Learning / Classification / Predictive Modeling (e.g. Neural Networks, G-Means Clustering using Multivariate Gaussian Distribution) • Planetary Scale Terrain Rendering • Procedural Generation of Landscapes and Urban Areas


Skills and Experience

Real-time Computer Graphics

More than ten years of experience in custom rendering, lighting, Post Process FX, Performance optimizations, Direct3D, WebGL, OpenGL ES, OpenCL, AMP, GPGPU, Unreal Engine, Unity

Geographic Information Science

Geospatial data processing (e.g. satellite imagery, point clouds, volumetric radar) using GIS technologies like QGIS, GDAL, Proj.4, etc.

Programming Experience

• 10+ years C/C++
• 10+ years C#
•   6+ years Java
•   4+ years iOS & Android

• Here and there JavaScript, TypeScript, SQL, ObjC, PHP, CSS, Python, Perl, F#

Full Product Cycle Experiences

Rapid prototyping of application ideas, becoming a polished production ready version with attention to every detail. Comply with all requirements and getting through product certifications. Finding solutions to customer issues and shipping post-release product updates.

Apps, Games, B2B

Diverse industry experiences like creation of AAA games, mobile apps, virtual reality car configurator, and more. Worked in team sizes from 2 to 120+ people.


Windows PC • Unix/Linux • VR • Xbox / Xbox360 / XboxOne • PlayStation 3 / 4 • iOS • Android • HTML5 • Windows Phone/RT

Get in touch

The preferred way to contact me is via email.